Zoom update to land on May 9

Zoom also released a new updates to the use of PMIs last weekend (REUTERS)

Zoom will receive another update on 9 May to enhance the security of the service. The company is releasing an update to the Basic accounts that will start rolling out from 9 May.

Under this new update, passwords will be required for all meetings, including new meetings, previously scheduled meetings, and those using personal meeting IDs (PMI). Waiting Rooms for PMIs will also be turned on by default.

Also, the screen sharing privileges will lie with the host by default. Screen sharing feature, in the past, has been a pain point for many users as they reported that some notorious elements shared lewd graphics using this feature. The new update should help suppress the long-standing issue.

Zoom also released a new updates to the use of PMIs last weekend. Personal meeting IDs can be disabled by the Zoom account owners and admins can now disable the use of a PMI for scheduling or starting an instant meeting.

According to the company’s blog, “Because PMIs are always accessible using the same ID or meeting link, anyone can join unless they’re properly secured. Disabling the use of PMIs reduces that risk altogether and doesn’t leave PMI security up to individual users. This option to disable PMIs can be locked at the account or group level.”

When the PMIs are turned off, users will get a message saying ‘PMI is disabled’ and all existing PMIs and personal links will become invalid and hence cannot be used to host a meeting.

Even scheduled meetings that use PMIs will have to canceled and rescheduled or restarted. Zoom recommends that the user deletes any upcoming meeting which use PMI and then create new meetings instead.vOther than the use of PMIs scheduling meetings will remain the same. For instant meetings, the host will need a randomly generated ID.

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