Bitcoin Bearwhale Vanishes as BTC Hits $10K

Bitcoin Bearwhale Vanishes as BTC Hits $10K

The biggest whale on Bitfinex known to the Bitcoin (BTC) community as Joe007 vanished, as the price of the top-ranked cryptocurrency by market capitalization hit $10,000.

Joe007 left with a farewell letter on May 7 on Twitter—which can no longer be seen after he deleted his account—describing his time on Twitter as an “experiment.” He also removed himself from the Bitfinex Leaderboard, no longer showing his trades and the profitability of his positions publicly.

His departure came after a short contract he placed when Bitcoin was hovering at $6,800 hit $20 million in unrealized loss, resulting in a $15 million loss on paper for the whale. Joe007 realized a $5 million gain in April, reducing the total figure by 25%.

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