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Facebook Ads inconsistency|Started Getting 0 Sales with Facebook Ads Suddenly?

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Started Getting 0 Sales with Fb Ads Suddenly?

If you were Getting sales with facebook ads everyday and suddenly your sales went from 10 to 0 directly then you are not alone. People since last 2 years are trying to deal with same question. How can CBO/ABO which was Generating good amount of sales everyday can suddenly not able to produce even single sale. Over last few years 1000+ Questions are posted on all online forums, social media, youtube etc. but no one is able to answer this question exactly. Most of the marketers feel it is because of low budgets on adset level or at campaign level but people running $100/day CBO have reported about the same problem.

So again, the question remains the same. How can someone fight with the facebook ads inconsistency and get stable and consistent sales.

Well there is no exact answer to this but there are certain things which can be done to improve this condition.

Big Budgets

Facebook Ads inconsistencyStarted Getting 0 Sales with Facebook Ads Suddenly

Most of the marketers use big budgets to cope up with the problem. Having bigger budgets significally helps with facebook ads inconsistencies as the reach of ads are more which increases the probability of getting sales. It is advised to spend atleast $100/day for CBO campaigns and $20/day for adset level budgets.

New Creatives

Facebook Ads inconsistency Started Getting 0 Sales with Facebook Ads Suddenly

One of the main reason for facebook ads inconsistency is also the facebook Ad Fatigue.

What is facebook Ad Fatigue?

A Condition when your ad creative/ adsets get saturated with time and your ads stop working completely or partially and have stopped producing enough sales. Such a condition is called facebook Ad Fatigue.

If you have been running ads for few weeks or few months and have started to see drop in sales then it could be facebook Ad Fatigue.

The solution of this is to create new creatives , new adsets and new stratergies.

Most of the time if u are facing facebook ads inconsistency due to this reason then the solution above could solve the problem of facebook ads inconsistency.


Facebook Ads inconsistency|Started Getting 0 Sales with Facebook Ads Suddenly?

You Read it right!

Running facebook ads profitably and inconsistently is not easy. so does having enough patience.

People who are just starting out with facebook ads are very desperate to get results. people start expecting results within no time. Getting not any sale even for 1 day makes marketers go anxious and makes them doubt the process. But people often forget that facebook is not money printing machine. Their can be ups and downs while running facebook ads but people should stick with their plan/ strategy.

Alot of new marketers keep asking the reason why they get sales on first day but not get any on 2nd day or get sales on first 2 days and not get any sale on 3rd day.

The answer to this question is simple. Do not take any impulsive decisions. Looks at the data of last 3 days and then take decisions. Depending on your budgets you can take decisions. If you have more budget then wait for 7 days until you decide to kill the ad/adset/campaign. Even after 3 or 7 days if you are not profitable or even breaking even then its time to move on.

The solution above should solve 90% of facebook ads inconsistencies Problem.

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