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How to Remove Facebook Daily Spend Limit Cap

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Facebook Ad Account unable to spend more than a fixed amount daily? This is exactly how you do it.

I Know you are frustrated 🤬 as you are unable to scale your ads aggressively.

Before i Hop into talking about how to remove facebook daily spend limit cap let me explain quickly about the difference between facebook daily spend limit cap and Billing threshold.

Facebook Daily Spend Limit Cap is the situation where one cannot spend more than a fixed amount of money in a single day where as Billing threshold is the total amount of money that you owe facebook. They both are very different and don’t let people tell you otherwise.

Let me tell you, You are not Alone. 😇

Many New Advertisers have the similar question as they are new in this and havent been with facebook since last few years. Since, Last few years facebook ads dashboard has changed drastically and many new advertisers who are not following with new changes happening monthly/quarterly are left unaware about this changes.

Although, before i tell you people the exact solution 🤓 to it first we need to understand it’s little bit history and why does this exist.

facebook few years ago had created this system to keep the spammers/ scammer away from using faebook ads. Not only this but due to increase in use of stolen credit/debit cards facebook had to take this decision. This decision was in best intrest to protect facebook ads markters/ advertisers from getting unfair disadvantage.

facebook daily ad spend cap reached

Facebook in the past used to show this message under Delivery saying account spending limit cap reached which indicated an ad account has reached it’s theshold and now no matter what, it won’t spend money more than that in a single day even if you are way away from billing theshold.

You may have been through different forums, websites, groups looking for your answers , some people even might have suggested you to contact facebook customer service.

Now, I have been through all of this and trust me contacting facebook customer service won’t help you at all . Forget about them helping you as for that they need to understand your problem but guess what? They mislead facebook daily spend limit cap by billing threshold so even if they tell you they understood your problem and raise ticket but even then you will get reply to ticket talking about billing threshold so this goes on and on.

So, Firstly you need to keep reading this article to know the actual solution as i won’t be writing this article and wasting your or my time if i had not known the answer. Trust me stick to it 😉. By the end of this article you will know exact solution to it.

The Only Good thing about this situation is that this is the problem only with new ad accounts and the aged ad account won’t get this problem. Also, Only few new ad accounts get this problem . So, no one will have to face it again unless you create new ad account.

Having talked about this earlier in the post. In past facebook had this system and that message doesn’t show anymore but internally that system still exists.

Now, Talking about the solution you people came here.

How to Remove facebook ads internal Spending daily cap

The only solution to all this drama is very simple . The solution is to wait until you reach your FIRST Billing theshold and once you hit your FIRST billing threshold and pay the bill successfully . Facebook automatically lifts the daily spend limit cap and in the next billing cycle you won’t have any such problems. If you still didn’t get the point look at the example below .

Here is the example to understand it better.

If you have billing threshold set to $100 by default and if you are not able to spend more than $20 in a single day meaning your daily spend cap is $20. So, in order to reach your FIRST billing threshold you need to wait for 5 days and pay your FIRST bill successfully in order to remove the daily spending cap from your ad account.

So, That’s it. No Rocket Science !! Running successful Facebook ads Campaigns require patience along with other stuff.

I Hope this post helps and do not forget to share it with your friends and family who are new to facebook advertising so, they don’t have to go through the fuss you went through .

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