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Bluedart Vs Delhivery Vs Xpressbees: Which Is Best Courier Delivery Company In India?

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Bluedart Vs Delhivery Vs Xpressbees: Which Is Best Courier Delivery Company In India?Looking for Honest Review for these companies? Looking for Best & Cheapest Courier Company to Ship your Courier and can’t find any post that is unpaid and is written by someone who has used these services?

If Yes, then keep reading as we are going to review all these services from all aspects possible and at the end of this post, you will know the best company to ship your courier.

Now, Honestly it’s very hard to choose between the Best courier companies as everyone has their own needs and expectations from courier company. So, Let me walk you through the different aspect so you can choose the one which is suitable for you or your company.

Before i jump onto comparison let me quickly tell you all these company have common process to start with. You register on their website , You download their app, you type in your legal information and recharge their wallet meaning you need to add money before you ship the product. Also, the left out balance in your wallet or in case of any disputes money will be added to your wallet to be used for future shipments.

The camparison will be based on points mentioned below:

  • Pricing
  • Speed
  • Reach
  • Customer Support
  • Customer Experience
  • COD Management


Pricing is very important aspect if you are looking for cheapest way to ship your product.

The screenshot given below shows pricing of different courier companies.

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Delhivery has different Mode of Transport for different weight of courier. They have Air courier as shown in picture but if you are trying to ship bigger courier weighing above 2kgs then it won’t be economical to do it. So, they also have 2Kg , 5Kg , 10Kg version of courier which gets transported through Ground Transport and takes like bit of more time then the Air version which is pretty obvious but still if you want your big courier to be shipped by Air, you can still go with this version. As per the screenshot Delhivery Air is little bit expensive than the other two companies.

Bluedart Express Delivers only through Air and doesn’t have option to transport through Ground transport. As per the pricing shown in the screenshot , it is cheaper than the Delhivery.

Xpressbees is very new courier company and growing at fast pace and offers Both Air and Ground Version of Courier. As of now (Pandemic) Xpressbees serves only through their surface mode and doesn’t offer the Air Version. As per the screenshot it is cheaper than Bluedart and Delhivery.


Almost All Companies with similar mode of transport have almost similar speed of delivery but through my personal experience i will share the rough estimates that i have got in the past with these companies.

Before i jump into numbers , You should know it is unfair to generalise speed of shipments without taking into account Pickup and Drop Location of shipment as it varies from metro to metro cities and from metro to non metro cities. Northeast and J&K has different slab for it.

But, for this post i will consider speed of only metro to metro city.

Bluedart Express takes 24hours for Intra City Delivery. It Takes 1-2 Days For Metro Cities , 2-4 Days for Non metro Cities, 4-7 days to Northeast and J&K.

Delhivery takes 1-2 Days for Intra City Delivery. It Takes 2-3 Days For Metro Cities , 3-5 Days for Non metro Cities, 5-7 days to Northeast and J&K.

Xpressbess Surface takes 1-2 Days for Intra City Delivery. It Takes 2-3 Days For Metro Cities , 3-5 Days for Non metro Cities, 5-7 days to Northeast and J&K.


Most of these companies has almost same reach meaning the pincodes served by them are almost same. Although Bluedart is unavailable in regions like J&K and Northeast. It serves Most part of Pan India. One of the major point to be noted here is bluedart doesn’t provide pickup services everywhere even in Tier 1 Cities of East, Central, South India.

Delhivery has best Reach in India serving most part of india including J&K , Northeast, South India where not many options are available.

Customer Support

Bluedart has offices in multiple Tier 1 cities and has 3 bluedart customer care phone number to contact to 1860 233 1234 / 022 6260 1234 / 044 6634 4600 . You can call and share your query. From my personal experience first bluedart customer care phone number 1860 233 1234 doesn’t work for me but 022 6260 1234 works . Their Support executive are really helpful and has enough power to take decisions right there without having to transfer your request to other department which takes time to process.

Delhivery has offices in multiple Tier 1 cities and has no real customer care phone number that you can call and address your query. This could be a Deal Breaker for many indians as the it is a Billion Dollar company now and people in india still prefers some real human to address their query. Althought they do have whatsapp number 911246719500 and email support.

Xpressbees has offices in multiple Tier 1 Cities and has no real customer care phone number than you can call although you can request a call back by giving misscall to this number  +91 (020) 4911 6100 which i have tried calling to but it says it is incorrect number. They do have email support which is slow and isn’t preferred by most of the people.

Customer Experience

This aspect really matters if you are looking for the Best service for your customers.

Before i talk about this aspect, there are some things to be taken into consideration. All the courier company has their Franchise offices in every corner of the country. The Delivery experience of your customer at destination can differ to those situated in different area. Meaning Someone in some area of mumbai can have very different experience with those situated in Pune. So, It really varies from Area to Area . Courier Companies generally don’t have control over these franchises and the delivery boys working at the ground level.

But Still from Reading the reviews online, Reading the different forums, Reading opinion of people from different facebook groups and from my own experience Bluedart has more wise and Honest people on board at ground level compared to Delhivery & Xpressbees. Xpressbess has better People on Ground compared to Delhivery.

COD Management

This is very important aspect if your company Provide Cash on Delivery Service to your customers. Indian Sellers have terrible time when it comes to dealing with cash on delivery. Some Indian Sellers experience RTO Percentage upto 70% which can easily turn their big revenues to negative Loses. Therefore , It’s very important to Know About this aspect.

From Opinions taken from people of multiple business groups , Reviews Online and from my own experience, It can be concluded Xpressbess Surface has better delivery percentage i.e low RTO (return to origin) Percentage compared to Bluedart & Delhivery. Bluedart although isn’t Behind by huge margin . Whereas People shipping with delhivery has experienced more RTO’s compared to Bluedart & Xpressbess. The Reason of them failing at this aspect is mainly due to negligence of their employees and delivery boys at ground level.

Also, If you want to try all these couriers without having to register for all of them, you can use something called Logistics Aggregator which is basically Amazon for courier companies where once registered you can have options to select any company and can compare rates side by side and choose the best for you. One such company is Nimbuspost which offers such service.

You can register for Nimbuspost by click here .

You can find best logistic aggregator in India by clicking here .

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