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Nimbuspost Vs Pickrr: Which is Best Indian Logistic courier service in India?

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This is the most honest review of Pickrr.

Are you looking for Best logistic ecommerce service to ship out your products?

Are you looking for Best ecommerce courier service in India?

Nimbuspost and Pickrr are one of major Logistics Services currently operating in India.

How Both works?


Here is the fair comparison between two.

The camparison will be based on points mentioned below:

  • Pricing
  • Integration
  • User interface
  • COD Management Automation
  • Customer Support


Nimbuspost and Pickrr both comes with 3 Plans i.e Starter, Standard , Advanced. With Each Plan you get better pricing with almost Rs 3-5. Nimbuspost Also offers Account manager with better pricing if you do more than 2k shipments per month whereas Pickrr lacks such plans as they are new to the industry.

Below Is the comparison shown between the Nimbuspost and Pickrr Pricing for same pincode, Dimension of Package.


As from the above pricing Nimbuspost could be seen cheaper with Rs 4 for Delhivery and Rs 8 for Xpressbees . Which is almost 25% of the shipping cost.

Also Pickrr Doesn’t Support Any courier Services other than Delhivery, Ecom Express, Xpressbees.


Nimbuspost Integrates with bunch of Platforms whereas Pickrr has integration just with shopify which could be a huge deal if are using platform other than shopify.

User interface

Both Nimbuspost and Pickrr have very user friendly sleek & Smooth Design with Responsive Web Apps.

COD Management Automation

This is one of the main aspect of why someone should choose one logistic service over other.

Most of the sellers in India are frustrated with high Return Percentage (RTO/NDR) varying from 10% to 60% which is very painful for sellers.

The only way to tackle this is to follow up with customer on phone/email/sms and remind them for their courier.

Various efforts are also taken by courier companies to decrease the percentage of return.

Logistics Services here also plays a essential role as they can put some effort by following up with the customer through different mediums.

Both Logistic Services Use sms/email follow up but still it ins’t enough to create huge change in return %. This is where your followup of your teams comes in. But giving access of Dashboard to your telecaller should be risky right?

Nimbuspost Allows you to create employee account which only give limited access to dashboard with Loaded features like IVR which basically connects your employee with customer on phone with its recoding available for you to examine. This recording can be downloaded and can be used for any disputes between seller and courier company as well.

To Access it goto Nimbuspost Dashboard>add ons>IVR

Currently the IVR feature is available for both abandoned checkouts and orders.


Customer Support

Another very important Aspect of Logistic service is the customer support.

Nimbuspost can be contacted from mediums like live chat, phone, email, tickets. Whereas Pickrr can only be contacted by creating a ticket which could be painful if you need help in real time and when u are in hurry.

Live chat is the option which most of the people prefer as it is in real time. . Users have also complained about unsupportive behaviour of Pickrr customer care for weight conciliation related problems.

Compared to Pickr, Nimbuspost has shorter waiting time and customer care people being more supportive makes it more customer friendly.

Signup for nimbuspost here : Click here

Signup for Pickrr here : Click here

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