Shoonya App - ZERO/FREE BROKERAGE Stock Broker in India

Shoonya App – ZERO/FREE BROKERAGE Stock Broker in India- Top Discount Broker In India

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Looking for a ZERO Brokerage broker with Great user experience (UI/UX) For Intraday Trading? What can be a better choice than Shoonya Stock Broker itself as it continuously keeps on updating its features and provides fast, seamless and profitable trading.

Yes, you heard it right PROFITABLE but how?

Every Broker out there charges huge brokerage. There exist full service broker like Iifl, Motilal oswal that charges Rs200 per lot for trading F&O and 0.25% for delivery trading in other segments. On other side we have discount brokers like zerodha, upstox that charges rs20/order in F&O no matter what quantity. 

Is Shoonya App really free?

Shoonya charges ZERO brokerage no matter the quantity. But Rs20 doesn’t sound like a big difference right? but it may sound like a big deal when u start trading as it will take away 40% of your profits and will charge you even if you make a loss.

Well Shoonya Comes to the rescue!

Shoonya App not only charges ZERO Brokerage but also charges ZERO Maintenance and ZERO clearing fees. It’s very important to know the later part as many broker charges a huge clearing charges secretly which could put a dent in your profits. Brokers like zerodha, upstox too charges annual maintenance and other fees separately.

Everything in this world comes with both sides. Often people might think Shoonya comes with compromise in UI/UX and compatibility across different devices, but that’s not the case with Shoonya app as it comes with great UI/UX as well. It has apps built for android/ios/ipad also has great website to trade from.

Check Images below of the App.

Shoonya App - ZERO/FREE BROKERAGE Stock Broker in India


User experience

As seen from images one can tell, Shoonya comes with Great UI/UX. User can login with pin to quickly enter and exit the app. It comes with dark theme both on browser and mobile apps for health conscious people. Shoonya offers people to pay with net banking instantly, Upi including NEFT/Imps for bigger Amounts. 

Basket Order-

Basket Order can become a big deal for people who does non directional option strategies that require them to use multiple legs of the order. Basket order also shows margin requirement for the order and margin including/excluding the existing positions.

Shoonya App - ZERO/FREE BROKERAGE Stock Broker in India
Order Placement experience

Shoonya comes with inbuilt option chain which is quickly accessible to place orders with sufficient information. Shoonya App also has Trading View charts which enhances charting experience.


Shoonya app allows people to invest in mutual funds and stock and later pledge it to use the margin for trading.

Algo Trading

Shoonya has recently launched trading experience algo trading apis for FREE.

Margin Requirements

Although its very basic thing which should be present in every broker but sadly its so rare that it has to presented under features. While placing order, Shoonya App will should your available balance and margin required to execute any specific order. PnL shows both mtm (intraday) and total pnl on specific position incase some has overnight positions.

Shoonya App - ZERO/FREE BROKERAGE Stock Broker in India
GTT order

Orders which can be placed for longer period of time like few days to few month upto a year can be placed with GTT order which 90% of other brokers don’t have.

Types of Orders

Shoonya offers After market order (AMO), Cover Order(CO), Bracket Order (BO).

Commodity, Currency, Mcx

If you are someone who does trade in currency ,commodity including equity then unlike all other apps. One need not have separate account and balance for it. One can trade with same balance in all segments.

Customer care

Customer care is again so rare that one has to place it under features. Generally companies don’t care about their customers once their products and services are sold but that’s not the case with shoonya App as their executives are very active on twitter and are accessible on phone within few clicks. They are very humble and responsive when u need them in market hours as one is impatient during market hours.

How does Shoonya App actually make money?

Someone may wonder how does shoonya actually earns money if all their services are free. After having a chat with executive from shoonya app, it was discovered that shoonya has plans to offer cross sale products such as mutual funds etc. from which they plan to make money.

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Shoonya is India’s first commission free trading place for MCX, BSE, NSE and NCDEX. It boasts all the features for all types of investors and comes with an amazing user interface. 

It provides an unmatched trading experience to its users with great investment ideas and allows traders to trade in stock without any physical barriers. In simple words, it has everything you’re looking for in a trading platform. 

It’s based out of Mohali, Chandigarh. It’s parent company finvasia is into NBFC’s around the world and known for trading platforms with cheap or no commissions. 

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